Baton Rouge Clinic, AMC

Quick Facts

>  27 internists, 6 endocrinologists, Dietary Services and Certified Diabetes Education Program.

>  Community health fairs, lecture at CME events, and collaborate with employer groups and business coalitions to improve the quality of healthcare in the community.

Quality improvement efforts involve all physicians/clinicians. However, specialized cardiovascular preventive services are carried out in the Center for CV Disease Prevention under the direction of Dr. Carmouche, board-certified clinical lipidologist and hypertension specialist. We evaluate and manage difficult lipid disorders and resistant hypertension in adolescents and adults. We focus on therapeutic lifestyle changes, weight management, and non-pharmacologic therapies along with standard (and often complex) pharmacologic interventions. We also provide comprehensive global cardiovascular risk assessments for patients with a concern about future cardiovascular disease. This involves comprehensive laboratory evaluations as well as imaging for subclinical vascular disease.